Meet James Pepitone (PEP)
of Beach And Barn Furniture LLC

In beautiful things I find beauty itself.

After a 50-year journey working in multiple careers in real estate and education, "Pep" has reinvented himself as an artist through the creation of his driftwood and live edge furniture pieces. He attributes his love for woodworking to his grandfather, James, who was a master furniture finisher. Pep also spent many years working with the family construction business learning from his father Tom.

The pieces of driftwood he finds on the shores from the Florida Keys to Maine have been given a new purpose - a new outlook and opportunity to be seen as something beautiful and new. You can draw a lot of comparisons between driftwood, live edge wood and people. No two pieces or individuals are the same. Each one is the physical manifestation of the time spent on its individual journey.

We must join together to bring forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.
— Pachamama Alliance