Meet James Pepitone of Beach + Barn Furniture

It's been said that in life, change is the only constant. After a 50 year career working in multiple careers as a real estate developer, property manager, consultant, teacher and director of the NAHB,  James "Jim" Pepitone has reinvented himself through the creation of his driftwood furniture pieces. He attributes his love for wood working and furniture design to his grandfather, James, who worked as a furniture finisher while Jim was growing up. Many of the techniques that Jim has mastered today can be traced back to time spent with his Grandfather. Jim also spent many years working with the family construction business learning carpentry from his father. Just like Jim, the pieces of driftwood he finds on the shores of New England's vast beachscapes have been given a new purpose - a new outlook and opportunity to be seen as something beautiful and new. The wood that makes it to shore has been molded by a lifelong journey through the unstable ocean waters, clashing with the elements around it.

"You can draw a lot of comparisons between driftwood and people," he said one afternoon at his home in Guilford. "No two pieces are the same. Each piece of wood is the physical manifestation of the time spent on its individual journey - some have been on their way for hundreds of years. Most people see driftwood as an annoyance, but the transition from ugly and unwanted to beautiful and desirable is the real magic."

Beach and Barn Furniture provides customers with custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. The tops to the tables are sourced from recycled glass and come in all shapes and sizes. Every inch of the furniture is 100% sustainable. The process is collaborative - working with clients to help realize their vision. 

If you'd like to learn more about the furniture or become the proud new owner of a piece of driftwood furniture, call or email Jim here.